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Are You Ready to Become the Most Recognized, Quoted, and Invited Entrepreneur in Your Industry?

Are You Ready to Become the Most Recognized, Quoted, and Invited Woman in Your Industry?



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I'm Brielle Cotterman
Publicity Expert and Celebrity Maker

Not only do I create celebrities, I’m also a former sales & marketing superstar, National spokesperson for multiple charitable organizations and previously spent years both competing on the stage & running programs with the Miss America Organization. 
All those years of thoroughly understanding influence, impact, buyer psychology, branding & the power of performance have lead me to scrap the structure of a traditional PR Agency and create what resembles an ultra effective, Executive level Finishing School for Entrepreneurs that want to change the world, and here’s what I know about you: 
Those Book Deals, Speaking Gigs, Media Features, TV appearances… if you truly desire to change the world & sky rocket to success, with my strategies it’s only a matter of time.

My clients appear on a variety of national publications, shows, podcasts, summits, and speak on their DREAM stages.

What would national media opportunities or speaking on your dream stage do for you and your business?


What Thought Leaders Say About Working With Me...

"Getting published in major publications, getting a call from CBS, an invite from TEDx… just another week being Brielle's client! She's manifesting on my behalf"
Merel Kriegsman
Women's Wealth Advocate
"Brielle was like a magic wand for my business. I started working with her and it seemed like overnight podcasts and summits were lining up to interview me."
'Brielle has helped me to get Publicity and Media Exposure on podcasts, radio, television, and in print.
She has helped to TRANSFORM my celebrity."
Abigail Murer
Pro Celebrity Alpine Skiier

Publicity isn’t the end goal. It's a means towards an end.

And we're here to help you get there through:

Wildly Successful Book Launches

Your Story Changing Millions of Lives 

National Media Hanging on Your Every Word

7-figures (or more) in revenue/year 

Career-defining Speaking gigs 

Industry Recognition as a Thought leader/Influencer

Making the Impact that you were born to make

Sold out Courses & High-End Programs

I've helped hundreds of entrepreneurs take their cause (an idea, a movement, a book) and put their work in front of millions.

Unlike Traditional PR firms or other publicity experts, we don’t simply check a box the moment we get you a feature and move on to our next client.

Contact Email: Info@briellecotterman.com
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