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Learn the Skills, Gain The Confidence, and Create The Media Collateral You Need to Navigate Transformation & Become a Niche-Celebrity Who Gets the Highest Levels of Publicity

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Does this sound like you?

Do you know that you have a message that the world needs to hear? When you go to events, do you hear speakers on the stage and know that you are just as good, but don’t know how to get your foot in the door?

Have you been so busy making your business a huge success that you haven’t dedicated time to pursuing publicity or building your personal brand? Or Maybe you are a successful entrepreneur that wants to focus on your business and simply have the expertise and luxury of a Publicity firm at your fingertips.  

Are you a Hidden Star that is ready to step onto the World’s Stage, but not exactly sure where to start or what type of  publicity will let you shine?

Then you will love the ease of my Celebrity Incubator! 


Are you dreaming of gracing the pages of Entrepreneur, making your television debut, stepping onto a TEDx stage or simply knowing what to say and how to show up confidently on camera?

In 6 short months with me, in my exclusive program, you will emerge completely prepared for the highest levels of visibility and publicity.

What to expect

What's included in the Celebrity Incubator??

The Celebrity Incubator is an exclusive done-with-you training program, helping prepare you for the highest levels of publicity and culminating with an in-person event for our VIP's!
2 levels of participation, one unparalleled experience

Publicity Preparation:

✔️ Done-With-You Training and Consulting with Me and my Team of PR, branding, and marketing experts

✔️ Private Group filled with like-minded entrepreneurs, training, mentorship and surprise celebrity guest speakers

✔️ Persona & Image Consulting 

✔️ Media Training & Evaluations 

✔️ Public Speaking Training

✔️ Signature Talk Selection, Evaluation & Direction

Media Collateral Package Including:

✔️ Fresh and Effective Media Bio

✔️ Killer Media Kit

✔️ 2 Media Pitches 

A *LIVE*  in-person event for our VIP’s!

✔️ Take the Stage at our in-person, televised TED Style Speaking Event (Travel not included)

✔️ Live, Staged Press Conference  

✔️ Your epic talk will be professionally filmed and turned into a high quality speaker reel

✔️ Professional Speaker Reel (carefully filmed and edited by our award winning video content producer)

VIP Package valued at over $25k

"Getting published in major publications, getting a call from CBS, an invite from TEDx…
just another week being Brielle's client! She's manifesting on my behalf"
Merel Kriegsman
Women's Wealth Advocate

Interested in getting features, backlinks
and speaking engagements asap?

No stress, simply amazing publicity opportunities delivered on a silver platter, then book your call today to learn about the Media Magic we create for clients around the world!

"Brielle has helped me to get Publicity and Media Exposure on podcasts, radio, television, and in print.
She has helped to TRANSFORM my celebrity."
Abigail Murer
Pro Celebrity Alpine Skiier

You will leave the incubator knowing that you have that star quality, just by being yourself, that it takes to make an impact, start a movement, become a niche-celebrity, thought leader, influencer or change-maker and emerge fully equipped with a Press-Worthy Personal Brand and prepared to pursue the publicity of your dreams.

Hi, I'm Brielle Cotterman

I’ve helped thousands of leaders and entrepreneurs take their cause (an idea, a movement, business or book) and get it in front of millions.  I’d love to help you do the same. I have scrapped the idea of a traditional PR firm and combined my years in PR with my sales and marketing experience as well as my experiences as a National Spokesperson for multiple charitable organizations to create what resembles a results -driven Executive Level Finishing school for leaders & entrepreneurs. 

My clients not only get featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Better Homes & Gardens, CBS or NBC, but they are fully prepared to shine in these spotlights. They know that they have built a Press-Worthy Personal Brand, are fully prepared with what to say and how to say it, so that their authenticity is evident and inspirational. Perhaps most importantly, Our clients can turn their publicity opportunities into clients and profit!  

Story is the heart of what we do, the Breakthrough story that our clients learn to uncover and seamlessly share and my own story of surviving attempted murder and domestic violence.  I let this story own me for years and let the shame overtake my self confidence as a person and a professional. After many years of an ongoing, healing journey, I finally stepped into my own power as an advocate against domestic violence and a beacon of hope to people all over the world raising them up and giving them life and career changing publicity opportunities to embrace the power of their own story and use it for good.

My passion is helping people just like you make meaningful changes in the world, inspire positive change, and give millions of people hope!  We each have a story, and you have the opportunity to make a big impact in this world by sharing yours, and we can show you how.  

Just A Few Places My Clients Have Been Featured….

Ready to step onto the world’s stage and become the go-to guy or girl in your niche?

Then, you can’t afford to miss this offer of a lifetime! Enrollment is extremely limited, so Apply Today: 2 levels of enrollment, 1 unparalleled experience!

"Brielle was like a magic wand for my business. I started working with her and it seemed like overnight podcasts and summits were lining up to interview me."