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As we head into 2022, the marketplace and the world both seem to be constantly changing and chaotic, digital ads are like shooting at a moving target and so many of the things that we’ve known have changed forever. 

So as an advocate, an entrepreneur, or service provider, how can you make the positive impact that is desperately needed, rise above the chaos and speak directly to the millions you’re dying to serve?


Brand solidification 

Audience expansion &

Authentic storytelling

"Brielle gets us publicity wins, backlinks to improve SEO, consults on email and social content:

She ensured that we were consistent across all mediums! She discerned our Mission & Vision based on our conversations and authored these for our entire organization.

Brielle has opportunities for me to discuss my upcoming Book with the number one literary agent in the world, and I am so grateful for her expertise!"

Brett Larkin
Yogini and Entrepreneur

What to expect

What's included in the Live Public Intensive?

I am once again giving you the gift of publicity!

✔️ VIP access to two of my strategy sessions ($5,000 value)

These sessions have been known to birth:

✨ Career changing clarity

✨ High level television opportunities

✨ TEDx appearances

✨ Entire personal brands 

✨ Increased audience size

✨ Upticks in booked sales calls


✨ The influence you’ve always dreamed of!!!

Step into 2022 ready to get the publicity that will finally give you the reach, credibility and clients that you know you were made for.

"Every day working with Brielle is filled with suprise and delight! From emails telling me I am booked on top ten podcast, to interviews with top literary agents, to television stars teaching in her Celebrity Incubator program, to being a guest on the shows hosted by industry leaders that I've always looked up to and

aspired to be like. Working with Brielle is all I could have dreamed of and More!"

Allie Bjerk
Visibility Strategist, Coach & Consultant

December 15 & 16

I will be hosting Make an Impact, a Live Publicity Intensive, like no other, in my private zoom room, as my gift to you! 

We will discuss top secret steps in my signature process that get my clients featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, InStyle Magazine, Better Homes & Garden, Fast Company and more! 

Our culture is:

-high quality

-high result 


-highly exclusive! 


"We've seen at least a 25% uptick in sales calls booked. It's this incredible, easeful feeling of clients coming in. Everything is flowing. Programs are filling. When applying Brielle's Pre & Post publicity strategy, the things, you're not just a media person. You are a sales and marketing genius."

Merel Kriegsman
Women's Wealth Advocate

From Best Kept Secret in Town...

to Commanding the World's Stage!

If you’ve heard the TEDx Talk, read the latest book or watched the television segment thinking “I know that I can do this and I know I have something powerful to share,” but I don’t know quite where to start when it comes to publicity, then this Live Publicity Intensive is made for you!

When you’re properly prepared for career and life changing publicity, media opportunities can take you from the best kept secret in town to commanding the world’s stage! 

Each training will take place from 


Noon EST and is by invitation only. 


The number of participants is extremely limited, in order to provide our famous  “white glove service.” 

The best way to ensure your admission to this exclusive event is to be referred by an existing client of Brielle Cotterman Media. 

However, if you are not business BFF’s with one of my existing clients, I will also be reviewing and accepting a limited number of qualified applicants. 


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Hi, I'm Brielle Cotterman

I’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs take their cause (an idea, a movement, business or book) and put their work in front of millions.  I’d love to help you do the same. I have scrapped the idea of a traditional PR firm and combined my years in PR with my sales and marketing experience and time spent as a National Spokesperson for multiple charitable organizations to create what resembles a results -driven Executive Level Finishing school for entrepreneurs. 

My clients not only get featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Better Homes & Gardens, CBS or NBC, but they are fully prepared to shine in these spotlights. They know what to say and how to say it, so that their authenticity is evident and inspirational. Perhaps most importantly, Our clients can turn their publicity opportunities into clients and profit!  

At the heart of what I do is story, the Breakthrough story that my clients learn to uncover and seamlessly share and my own story of surviving attempted murder and domestic violence.  I let this story own me for years and let the shame overtake my self confidence as a person and a professional. After many years of an ongoing, healing journey, I finally stepped into my own power as an advocate against domestic violence and a beacon of hope to people all over the world raising them up and giving them life and career changing publicity opportunities to embrace the power of their own story and use it for good.

My passion is helping people just like you make meaningful changes in the world, inspire positive change, and give millions of people hope!  We each have a story, and you have the opportunity to make a big impact in this world by sharing it, and I can show you how.  

Just A Few Places My Clients Have Been Featured….

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