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Complimentary 5-Part Training by Celebrity- Maker and Publicity expert Brielle Cotterman

Just A Few Places My Clients Have Been Featured….

If you know you have that
star quality...

If you have that burning feeling inside of you that you were born for more…

If you have the confidence and vision that could ignite a movement…

If you dream of being a thought leader or influencer, speaking on massive stages or even TV…

It’s time to stop dreaming and start achieving.

Learn everything it takes to become the industry celebrity you’re destined to become in my complimentary Media Makeover workshop. 


Do you know what phase of pursuing publicity you are in?

In this complimentary training, you’ll learn EXACTLY how I get my clients to the next level with publicity and media and get them featured on the likes of CBS, NBC, Forbes, Entrepreneur or Better Homes & Gardens!








What Thought Leaders Say About Working With Me...

'Brielle has helped me to get Publicity and Media Exposure on podcasts, radio, television, and in print.
She has helped to TRANSFORM my celebrity."
Abigail Murer
Pro Celebrity Alpine Skiier

What to expect

Media Makeover

June 29th - July 3 1pm eastern each day

Are you curious about what it takes to get featured on/in  CBS, NBC, Forbes, Entrepreneur or Better Homes & Gardens? 

Then you can’t afford to miss my Complimentary 5-Part Training Series!

Reserve your seat today, attend all three trainings & you’re automatically eligible to win a complimentary, live Media Bio Makeover from my team! (a $30,000 value)

"Getting published in major publications, getting a call from CBS, an invite from TEDx…
just another week being Brielle's client! She's manifesting on my behalf"
Merel Kriegsman
Women's Wealth Advocate

I'm Brielle and I've helped hundreds of entrepreneurs take their cause (an idea, a movement, a book) and put their work in front of millions.

Unlike Traditional PR firms or other publicity experts, we don’t
Simply check a box the moment we get you a feature and move on to our next client. 

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